You Can Get an Auto Loan with Bad Credit

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Bad credit, or even no credit, don’t need to be bad things or non-starters. We understand that life happens. Whether you’ve had some bumps along the way with some serious life changes, or you have that one, annoying, looming cellphone bill that you forgot to pay in college stuck to your credit report: we get it.

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What Type of Loan Can I Get With Bad Credit?

The exact answer is specific to each person’s unique situation. With that being said, there are variables. Your credit score is the biggest determining factor. 

Those with scores in the 300 range will generally have higher interest rates on their loans than those with scores in the 600 range. Those with scores in the 700 range will typically be approved for a larger amount than those in the 400 range; everything is a sliding scale.

If you fall into the category of bad credit, you might not be eligible for 0% financing and the most expensive vehicle on the lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a car loan at all! We specialize in finding our customers the best rates available to them so that you can get a great vehicle and enjoy affordable payments—end of story!

How Do I Find my Credit Score?

Nothing beats being prepared! With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to find out your credit score, work towards repairing it, and get into a great new vehicle. If you’re at home and want to know before you visit us here at North Battleford Hyundai, we suggest checking out Credit Karma or Borrowell. These apps can help you determine what your credit score is, without pulling a full report and impacting your credit. Once you’re ready, visit us at the dealership! Our team can help you select the right vehicle and complete a full subprime financing application.

We’re here to answer your questions every step of the way, and we want to ensure that everything is clear. That’s the difference in how we do business. It’s not just about putting in the numbers and signing off, it’s about our team working with you to provide a great, transparent experience when it comes to an important decision like financing a vehicle

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