Electric Cars: Your FAQs Answered

By: North Battleford Hyundai   |   04 Jan 2022
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As little as 10 years ago, electric cars still seemed like a sci-fi concept, or, at the very least, something that would be impossible for the average driver to afford. But thanks to cutting-edge technology and Hyundai’s commitment to affordability, the new Hyundai vehicle lineup (which is the largest in all of Canada) includes several fully electric vehicles, like the IONIQ and KONA, with more to come in the near future. 

Even though the new era EVs are fast, efficient, and simple to operate, we understand that adopting new technology (especially when it comes to something you depend on daily) can be intimidating. That’s why today on the blog, we’re answering a few of your most pressing questions about electric cars to help put your worries to rest.

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How Long Does It Take to Recharge an Electric Car?

Electric cars, trucks, and SUVs are designed to fully recharge overnight while you’re sleeping, so you can simply plug in and forget about it. When you purchase an EV, it will come with an at-home charger that works with most pre-installed outlets, but you can also purchase alternative at-home charging solutions and have an electrician install them for you. In Saskatchewan (and most of Canada), both electric vehicles and their chargers qualify for various tax rebates and deductions, often enough to cover the entire cost of your at-home charger. Those rebates and deductions are even higher for businesses that install charging stations for their employees.

On the road, you’ll have access to thousands of public EV chargers across Canada. Websites like ChargeHub.com and PlugShare.com make it easy for you to locate public charging stations in your city and province, or even to plan a trip that includes a route with adequate charging options. Most on-the-go charging stations can give you an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes - enough time to stretch your legs, grab a coffee and get back on the road.

Is Owning an Electric Car Expensive?

Most drivers report that owning an EV is less expensive than owning a gas-powered car. Besides the obvious reason that you’ll spend significantly less on electricity than you will on fuel, electric cars are also a lot cheaper to maintain. They break down less frequently than traditional cars and require few service appointments or repairs. Thanks to regenerative braking technology, even the brakes in EVs last longer, and some repairs can be done remotely using software updates. Over time, you can expect the cost of an EV to be less than a gas car.

As we mentioned above, there are also many rebates and deductions available for Canadians who invest in electric vehicles - in some provinces, your total kickback can be close to $10,000 depending on how you’ll be using the vehicle.


What is the Range of EVs?

The total range of an electric car will depend on the make and model, but it’s typically more than enough to suit the daily needs of any driver. For example, the 2022 Hyundai IONIQ is good for up to 480 km on a single charge, which will get you to Saskatoon and back (twice!) without worry. For longer trips, simply plug into a rapid charger at a gas station, grocery store, or on-route stop for a full top-up in 30 minutes or less.

Are Electric Cars Hard to Use?

Your EV will operate as flawlessly and easily as any other gas-powered vehicle on the road. In fact, manufacturers like Hyundai have carefully thought about ease of use when designing their electric cars to ensure a simple, fun, and user-friendly driving experience. You’ll plug in your charger the same way you’d fill the gas tank, and can expect similar driving dynamics as what you’re accustomed to. The main difference you may notice is that electric vehicles are much quieter than gas-powered engines - a major bonus for most drivers!



Are EVs Really Better for the Environment?

We’re not going to deny that there are environmental concerns with the production of just about anything here on earth, but generally, electric cars are regarded as a major player in the fight against climate change and a positive step forward for the environment. Hyundai uses eco-friendly materials in the design and manufacturing of its electric cars, not to mention that making the switch away from fossil fuel dependence to renewable electric energy (and reducing all of those harmful CO2 emissions) is one seriously green move for the planet. And as our electricity grids and charging options continue to also improve, we can expect EVs to keep getting greener and greener.

Learn More About Electric Cars or Take One for a Test Drive at North Battleford Hyundai

We’re proud to be one of North Battleford’s only licensed EV Dealers and supporters of Hyundai’s innovative electric vehicle technology programs. We encourage our customers to reach out to the North Battleford Hyundai team with your questions or to book an appointment to come and check out one of our exciting electric cars firsthand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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